"Motivation has an expiration date. Inspiration never expires!

Be prepared to be INSPIRED! Human GPS is loaded with GEMS and Dr. Palmer is an exceptional and experienced life navigator. Right off the top, I was struck by this comment: “When I am truly aligned and moving in step with my Why, the rhythm of my life is unforced.” We have all been challenged in our lives and never more so than in this last year. Engaged in a lot of self-reflection, defining my why and embracing it offered a guiding light and a purpose in my life. What better time, than during ongoing transitions, is there to grab hold of the brass ring and make your dreams a reality. Dr. Palmer has managed to simplify our journey by providing a 6-step program outlined in chapter form that will prompt you, motivate you and ultimately inspire you. Don’t waste one more day and purchase this book. You will not regret it. Better yet, engage Dr. Palmer and let her lead you over the finish line and into a life worth living! Priceless!


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Human GPS helped confirm my Why. Thank you

Good Morning Janet:
Your book has touched my life in a really special way. I feel as though you have written it for me. Your words are impactful and speak truth to power. About 20 years ago, I tried to leave the field of education with the goal of pursuing law enforcement. As I pursued this change in career, I was made to jump through many hoops and faced tremendous obstacles that I couldn't have anticipated. I never became a special agent and was extremely disappointed. In some ways, I felt rejected and was sad for a period. I was chasing a career that was not for me. For quite some time, I felt "forced" to remain an educator. In back of my mind, I knew that education was my calling, but I didn't want to admit it. Reading your book provided the additional clarity needed. It made me honest with my true feelings and emotions. Your book made me reflect on my childhood and analyze who I am, as a person, a father, a husband, and as an individual. I am happy to say that I know my Why.

Rodney A.

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Great read!

For the first time in perhaps a decade I have encountered in Janet Palmer’s work a volume that may well fit into several sections of a book store of my own devising. How does one categorize a multi-hyphenate? Self-Help/Theology/Devotional/Philosophy. HUMAN GPS is all these and even more. The ease with which her writing lures the reader into self reflection through her self revelation is encapsulated by a question so simple that it is skipped over by the most conscientious of us: Why? How often is the teleological argument actually focused on ourselves, after all?

When seen through the prism Divine purpose, Dr. Palmer’s suggestion that we begin today to examine our lives through the consideration of this primal question leaves the reader renewed and inspired. Through her immensely accessible methodology, the accountable person of faith is equipped to learn more about his or her vocation through a deeper study of God—and vice versa. Palmer’s step by step guide is all the more impressive because it is kind and complex. It is profound, yet uncomplicated. I have encountered it at a crossroads in my own professional life and will be forever grateful that in a book of less that 100 pages HUMAN GPS has provided me with the breakthrough I have been asking for from God. I strongly recommend this book for those of any age or stage of development who are longing to answer the door when their “why” next comes knocking.

H.J. Lennix

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A stark reminder of God's Sovereignty

Ms. Janet has produced a compelling piece of work here, one that leads to introspection and an evaluation of God's divine purpose for each of our lives. Truly an edification of the body of Christ.


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This book changes lives.....

3 little words..... Lifechanging quick read..... I loved this book so much i made notes all through it then on my flight home gave it forward to the passenger i sat next to and when i woke up from a nap cause the plane landed she was so moved by this book she was crying. I left a few tears in that book before she did.... MUST READ!!!!!!!!

John Wayne

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Amazing Read......

Read the book on recommendation, but would say is a great read and a guide to help you understand what you are missing. It helps you understand that everyone has a purpose and can guide you in finding yours..... A MUST READ !!!

M.Muaz Hamayun

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